Bayside Basement Community Projects

Learning & life skill projects to encourage and guide participants to become healthy, independent,
socially active members of our community.

Group Programs

One to One Programs

Our Project List Is Ever-Growing, Ever-Changing

About Us

Who We Are

We believe every person is an individual, therefore should have the right to shape their future. Bayside Basement Community Projects promise to tailor projects to suit the needs of each individual.

What We Do

Our programs are designed with the individual in mind. Through the consultation and design process we listen to you and your family and carers and discuss the support needs you need to ensure that the life you want to live is lived the way you want to live it.

What Makes Us Different

Bayside Basement are a boutique service, this means we are able to deliver more personalised programs to suit the client’s needs. Bayside Basement provide services to clients on a smaller group ratio of no more than one support worker to three clients.

Our Programs

Our range of programs are endless, with every program we promote community participation, and social interaction.